This drink is great! At work, I have a shake for breakfast at 6:30 am, take my IDNutrition then sip on my Energy drink throughout the morning. ZERO AFTER TASTE! I am satisfied until about 2pm!

At which time, I eat a delicious, filling Protein Bar, then mix Hydrate into some filtered water. I no longer stop by the desk that has the jar of bite size chocolate bars three times a day! Not because I have to convince myself to stay away--I plain don't crave them anymore! I don't need Will Power because my body is getting what it was truly wanting and needing!

I was on a fast food diet since I was terrible about bringing my own lunch and only have 1/2 hour before being back at my desk and ready to work.

When I get home at 4pm, I drink a Veggie Shake and head for all the events and meetings I have planned for the evening.

Before bed, I take my evening IDNutrition, brush my teeth and consume the Sleep Strip. Sleep all through the night and awake rested!

My stamina has skyrocketed! I am focused throughout the day and my production is refined so much I am attracting good attention from my Managers!



I love it! I tell everyone I know about!

OMG! The best

This is by far the best drink on the market. Every kid that has tasted it swears its that Sugary drink that starts with a K. Adults think I have brought back their childhood but in a healthy way.
I love to mix the grape with Mixed Berry energy to call it Double Delight!


This is going to change what our kids desire to drink!!
Think grape Popsicle!!!!!

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